Join the most brilliant Turtles in the universe


CrypTurtles Universe consists of 4444 intelligent turtles generated by algorithmic shuffling of hand-drawn attributes.

Each CrypTurtle is unique and serves as the governance token for the very prolific CrypTurtles DAO system.

All together, the CrypTurtles, with their diversity in shapes, colours and styles, represent our society in humanoid bodies but definitely in a more economically profitable fashion.


Stage 1

Initiating the Parallel Universe: CrypTurtles 2022 Q1

Stage 2

There will be short time to Mint. If any CrypTurtles Society Member remain unminted it will be burned in to eternity

Stage 3

After minting process, CrypTurtles rarities will be calculated and each member will have a rarity point for DAO governance and share. (Read DAO page for more information)

Stage 4

Opening the Secondary Market launch

Stage 5

2022 Q2. First DAO governance and profit distrubition to holders

Stage 6

Q3. Starting the NFT Based Membership Program. A safe way to access liquidity by holding NFT

DAO Treasury

CrypTurtles DAO is exclusive to CrypTurtles NFT holders and operates on a rarity-based system. After minting phase (Stage 2) is completed, unminted members of the CrypTurtles Universe, if any, will be burned to eternity. Rarities will be calculated among the reamining members and each NFT will have a rarity rank. This rank will represent the voting power of the NFT holder and their share of DAO treasury. CrypTurtles DAO System will have a unique feature that allows CrypTurtles NFT holders to access their DAO shares directly.

For further details click here.


Each CrypTurtles NFT is a representative of our society in a decentralized and economically profitable parallel universe. Keep them at bay (or at wallet :) to access wonderful opportunities on our unique CrypTurtles DAO system and many others on the Solana network.

CrypTurtles will launch in February on You can mint 1 for 0.49 SOL.

Unfortunately, there are only 4444 turtles available. So you need to be quick to secure one.

5% royalty will apply on the Secondary market sales, but 50% of that amount will go directly into the CrypTurtles Treasury.

CrypTurtles Treasury will be conrolled by the NFT holders in the universe through a DAO system.

You can always contact us via Twitter or Discord.


Dr. Maturin's Logbook

Log #27 AC 2161, Johannesburg, South Africa

All set now. I finally managed to make that stupid machine work. This is my chance to go back in time and save the now-extinct turtle species, Chersobius Signatus. One shot only... My beautiful Jess insists on accompanying me on the journey. I always knew she would never leave me.

Log #42 Date Unknown, Location Unknown

I still couldn’t figure out exactly where we are or how much we went back in time. Fortunately, we are surrounded by a clan of Chersobius Signatus. A perfect test group for my gene therapy..

Log #153 AC 2021, Solana Beach, Solana

Yesterday, the journey was completed. Again in the modern world, but an alternate reality we are in. It was obvious when I looked outside of the window this morning, I created a brand-new spieces. Back in time, no primat was intelligent yet, so they didn’t stand a chance against my CrypTurtles.

Now, only one thing is left to do: transformation of J and I with the new species genom. We are prepared to be perfect. We are to be perfect. LFG!!!!